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USB 2.0 Connection for Duplicator - Duplicator Depot

USB 2.0 Connection for Duplicator


Computer Connection Package for Duplicators

Connection Type                         : USB 2.0 or
                                                      SMART USB 2.0
Installation                                   : Pre-Installed
Package Includes for USB 2.0   : Connector module (Pre-installed
                                                       on duplicator Connection

What is the connection for?

  • When connected to your computer, one of the marked drives can be used as an external burner.
  • If you do not have a burner in your computer, you can use this connection and use one of the duplicator's burner drives to do so.

How it works:

  • The connection port is located on back of the duplicator unit.
  • The provided cable will allow you to connect with your computer via USB.
  • The on / off switch will allow you to switch the drive from duplicator mode to burner drive mode.

Package Includes for SMART   :  FREE 3 ft. USB cable
USB 2.0                                        FREE built-in hardware 
                                                      installation and Shipping when   
                                                      combined with any  duplicator

Our tower duplicators are complete, standalone systems; however, we provide an optional hardware component, the SMART USB 2.0 connection, which allows the duplicator hard drive (HDD) to connect and directly interact with a PC computer or notebook laptop HDD via USB cable.

How does the SMART USB 2.0 external interface work?

  • The external interface allows HDD communication via USB cable. The USB cable is connected from the duplicator’s external interface to a USB port on your PC computer/laptop.
  • Once connected by USB cable, the HDD pre-installed on the duplicator can then directly interact with the HDD inside your home PC computer/laptop. (Note: the duplicator MUST already have a built-in HDD)
  • The interaction between computer HDD and duplicator HDD allows the user to easily export and import disc image files without the need of a physical, hard copy disc. Information can be transferred seamlessly back and forth, vice-versa.
  • Image names can now be edited on the computer rather than strictly on the duplicator. Also, the provided software allows the user to store more detailed information for each image with the additional fields provided.

As long as there is a computer/laptop to hook up the duplicator to, this SMART USB 2.0 external interface provides the user available convenience to load master files of their project disc into the duplicator hard drive first without needing to burn a physical, hard copy.

What is provided with this option?

  • FREE 3 ft. USB cable
  • FREE built-in hardware installation when combined with any duplicator purchase
  • FREE shipping when combined with any duplicator purchase

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