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Amba7 Washable Reusable Anti-Dust Cloth Face Mask Protection 3D Quad Fit Double Layer for Unisex - 3 Pack With Filters (30 PCS) (in Stock)

      A pack of 3 individually wrapped cloth face masks With Filters (30 PCS), imported (made in Korea).

      100% polyester, smooth quality face coverings that's soft against the skin, designed with a silky lightweight fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable.

      Indoor/outdoor, for men, women, and children. Suitable for cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing, yoga, aerobics, weightlifting, yard work, gardening. Can be used while exercising, running errands, attending grooming appointments, etc. This product is not FDA-approved, not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease.

      5.5 inches long at the center (from top of nose to lowest point of chin), 9 inches wide across the top edge. SPECKER Filter is a disposable sticker made of 100% pure cotton extracted from cottonseed (made in USA and Australia) for added protection for conventional face masks.

      Filter pack includes 30 filter sheets. The filters are made in South Korea. These breathable filters are intended for use inside protective mouth covers and face masks. Filters remove ultra fine dust and reduces exposure to toxins and germs from the air.

    Look good while staying safe. These reusable masks come in a convenient 3-pack mask & 30 filter sheets, specially designed to be super comfortable for easy and longer wear. Please continue practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and refraining from touching your face. The filters are made in South Korea. By keeping your face mask cleaner and fresher for a longer period of time, reduces stains and contaminations of the inside of your face mask (caused by lipstick, cosmetics, facial oils, or mouth secretions. For those who wear sunglasses or eyewear, SPECKER Filter can also reduce the fog and mist builds up on the lenses of your glasses.

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