Live Events DVD Video Recorder to DVD Disc

Live Events DVD Video Recorder to DVD Disc

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    Live Events DVD Video Recorder to DVD Disc

    eventDVD 5602 is a complete solution and is designed in a space saving enclosure with two integrated CD/DVD drives, the eventDVD 5602 is not only compact, but expandable. Easily connect 5604-EXP 4 drive expansion modules to increase production from 2 drives to 6 right up to 42 drives, controlling everything from a single console. Add an optional plug-in CD/DVD AutoPrinter to complete your production.
    eventDVD ships with full pre production software built right in - allowing the user to set up DVD master templates and make changes on the fly to recordings - making eventDVD simply the fastest way to product customised 'hands-off' DVD video productions.

    eventDVD Software Features:
    • Fully automated DVD pre production
    • Easily set up templates including DVD menus,themes, disc labels and chapter marks as a project and reuse them time and time again.
    • Point and Click User Interface
    • Intuitive control with inbuilt context sensitive help systems
    • DVD Authoring selections
    • Choose DVD menus, once play or looped format
    • Custom Chapter selections
    • Set chapters based on time, smart selection via scene selection, chaoter by segment or even by manual selection
    • Variable text insertion
    • Custom text such as titles, subtitles, dates and times can be added dynamically as part of your project template
    • First play additions
    • Add one play segments as a pre roll to the main content
    • Real time MPEG 2 encoding
    • User controlled segmented recording
    • Use the interface to start and stop live capture on demand and in real time.

    Stability and ease of use is core to the design - by utilizing the Windows OS, and its intuituve pre production software, eventDVD allows even the most novice user to be an expert.

    eventDVD grows with your needs, maximizes your production and streamlines your workflow. A cost effective, powerful solution.

    Number of drives 2
    Drive Interface SATA
    Supported media DVD+/-R
    Operating System Windows Pro
    Internal HDD 500 GB
    Video Input Firewire
    Optional Video Inputs Declink SDI Card
    Composite Card
    Record Capacity 100 Hours MPEG2
    Interface Just add Keyboard, Monitor, and Mouse
    Power 450 Watts
    Dimensions 16"W x 14"H x 7"D