StudioWrapper CD200T - CD Jewel Cases Overwrapper, Wrapper System

StudioWrapper CD200T - CD Jewel Cases Overwrapper, Wrapper System

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    StudioWrapper CD200T - CD Jewel Cases Overwrapper, Wrapper System

    Professional Clean Folded Edges!
    Get professional clean folded edges for just pennies per disc. No longer settle for hot-gun shrink wrapped discs that still look unprofessional even after you've spent time and money to seal them. Use an overwrapper for that 'store-bought' professional look!

    Wrap Hundreds of Discs Per Hour!
    In a matter of minutes you'll develop your own rhythm for wrapping discs and then you'll be amazed at just how many you can wrap in an hour. With just a little practice you&apos'll be wrapping 3 to 6 discs per minute!

    Uses Convenient Pre-cut Poly Wrap Sheets
    Recordex DVD and CD film comes pre-cut to the exact size you need to professionally and quickly wrap standard CD jewel cases.

    Operator Safe Design
    The StudioWrapper features heater-block guards, an inline fuse as well as an indicator light to remind the operator that the unit is on and the heater blocks are hot.

    Amazingly Easy To Use!
    With only a little practice you'll be wrapping hundreds of discs an hour with the StudioWrapper. The video tutorial on our web site will make easy work of learning how to wrap your discs most efficiently!

    Table Top Design
    The base is only 24" wide and 19" deep allowing for easy setup in your office or production area. The extra-long 7-foot power cord makes it easy to setup the wrapper nearly anywhere in the office.

    Model: StudioWrapper CD200T
    Throughput: 180 to 300 cases per hour
    Finish Type: Professional Finish Square Edge Overwrapping
    Poly Sheets: Standard Pre-cut Polypropylene Sheets
    Case Types: Wraps standard CD jewel cases
    Dimension: 25.5" (W) x 19.5" (D) x 24.5" (H)
    Weight: 17.5 lbs
    Power Voltage: 110 VAC with Inline Safety Fuse
    Power Cord: 7' Heavy Duty Cord
    Warranty: Six Months Parts and Labor