Systor 1:11 Hard Drive / Solid State Drive (HDD/SSD) Duplicator (120MB/sec) - Tower

Systor 1:11 Hard Drive / Solid State Drive (HDD/SSD) Duplicator (120MB/sec) - Tower

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    2.5" Adapter Kit:



    Systor 1:11 Hard Drive / Solid State Drive (HDD/SSD) Duplicator (120MB/Sec) - Tower


    Easy to Use

    • User-friendly LCD display interface
    • Easy operation without extra hardware, software and training are required.
    • Self diagnostics when power on
    • Compare HDD, PreScan, Secure Erase and Overwrite functions.
    Hard Drive/Solid State Drive (HDD/SSD) Duplicator
    Note:Requires Adapter Kit for duplicating 2.5" SATA HDD

    Multiple Duplication

    • Built for continuous burning, NO cool down time required.
    • Burns multiple hard drive simultaneously at once.
    • Work equally well cloning any environment, including Windows, Linux and Macintosh
    • Reproduce the content faithfully, whether the source disk is FAT16/32 or NTFS formatted

    Complete Standalone System

    • Complete standalone duplicator, NO software or computer required
    • The stylish all-black door has built in vents for optimal cooling and air flow to keep your drives running at their best. To further enhance the cooling, included is a rear outtake fan on each drive.
    • A new feature to the hard drive duplicator is the 3D LED status lights. This allows the user to keep track of their drives without having to be right in front of the workstation..
    • 40mm rear warm air outtake fan on each drive ensures an optimal cooling environment.
    • Safeguard key lock function keeps data secure within the enclosure.

    High Speed SATA Controller

    • Easily organized and help airflow inside the case.
    • SATA uses lower power requirement compared to PATA.
    • Faster transfer rate compared to IDE.

    Reliable Power Supply

    • High Performance Power Supply.
    • Built to endure long-time operation.
    Device Type:  Stand-alone Hard Drive Duplicator - Tower
    Color:  Black
    Display:  LCD display
    Load Type:  Slot Loading
    Target:  1 to 11
    Interfaces:  Serial ATA (SATA)
    Support Form Factor:  3.5" SATA HDD and 2.5" SATA HDD (Requires Adapter Kit)
    Supported File Systems:   Windows: FAT16/FAT32/NTFS; Linux: Ext2/Ext3; Mac: HFS
    Writing Mode:  Sector to Sector, Fast Copy, Percentage Copy
    Transfer Rate:  Up to 120 MB/s (Depending on HDD speed)
    Erasing Data:  Secure Erase (will wipe all data)
    Operating Temperature:   30F to 104F
    Operating Humidity:  15% to 90% (non-condensing)
    Power Requirements:  100 ~ 240V AC
    LED Indication:  Device Power and Drive Activity
    LED Display Color:  Green: Power; Amber: Drive Activity
    Dimension:  23.75(H) x 7(W) x 16.25(D)