1-20 22X SATA DVD/CD Duplicator Copier Burner Replicator +250GB - Free UPS Ground Shipping

1-20 22X SATA DVD/CD Duplicator Copier Burner Replicator +250GB - Free UPS Ground Shipping

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    DuplicatorDepot presents the all NEW SATA Duplicator. By 2009, ALL EIDE/PATA parts will switch to SATA. In addition, replacement and repair for ALL EIDE/PATA parts will be discontinued and unavailable. In consequence, repairing your duplicator after one year will be impossible. To avoid future problem, buy a SATA duplicator now.


    • Standalone DVD/CD duplication: NO software or computer required
    • Easy to operate with NO software required
    • Specially manufactured DVD reader and controller to support high speed duplication
    • User-friendly LCD display interface
    • Automatic copy verify, compare, and prescan functions
    • Automatic CD and DVD format detection
    • One touch CD and DVD duplication
    • Burning speeds up to 18x on both DVD+R and DVD-R: selectable options to burn at 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x, 20x
    • Burning time 3 to 4 minutes for half-capacity full DVD, 5 to 8 minutes for full-capacity DVD
    • Multi-target simultaneous burning technology: NO cool down time required
    • Compatible with the most CD and DVD formats
    • Collect and edit track(s) from different discs to compile a mix CD
    • Upgradeable firmware via upgrade CD for future drive technology and update
    • Optional High-Speed USB 2.0 Connection : (When connected to your computer, one of the marked drives can be used as an external burner)
    • Optional SMART USB 2.0 connection: (When connected to your computer, the built-in hard drive on the duplicator interacts directly with the computer's HDD)
    • 3 years labor, 1 year parts warranty
    Operating Type : Stand-alone (NO PC Required)
    Reader/Source : 16X DVD-ROM
    Writer/Target : 20X SATA Dual Layer DVD?RW Burner
    Interface : Serial ATA
    Maximum Write
    : 20X DVD-R / +R
    12X DVD-R DL (Dual Layer), +R DL (Double Layer)
    8x DVD+RW
    8x DVD +R9
    6X DVD-RW
    12X DVD-RAM
    48X CD-R
    32X CD-RW
    Media Supported : DVD-ROM, DVD-R (DL), DVD-RW (DL),
    DVD-RAM, DVD +R (DL), DVD +RW,
    CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW with 80mm and 120mm diameter
    Buffer Memory : Up to 128MB
    Internal Hard Drive : 250GB
    Partition Naming : Up to 13 alphanumeric characters
    Processor : Dual 32-bit RISC CPU
    Display screen : 16x2 LCD
    Language Text : English, Spanish, French
    Regulation : FCC,CE, RoHS
    Power : AC 110/230V (50/60 Hz)