Systor RipStation RS-1200 CD / DVD - Audio Music Media, Data Ripper / Grabber - 2 Drive

Systor RipStation RS-1200 CD / DVD - Audio Music Media, Data Ripper / Grabber - 2 Drive

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    Ripstation RS-1200 Series CD Ripping Machine

    Large broadcast studios, archives, media companies, commercial and college radio stations as well as audio book producers are finding the need to "go digital" with their content.

    CD Ripping RS-1200 series is the world's leading automated CD ripping solution. It will take any data DVD or data CD and create a bit for bit copy of the discs file structure from the source disc itself, creating a local or even network copy for use in archive or backup applications. Your integrator has full granular control of what and how each data set is imported. We check it for integrity, provide detailed reporting and have an open, flexible third party interface so you can tie the entire process into your records access system.

    With its simple user interface, CD Ripping RS-1200 V4.4.13.0 supports all major, compressed and non-compressed, formats such as WMA, WAV, MP3, AAC, APE, FLAC, OGG, AIFF and WAVPACK. It's all about the workflow, the metadata and then the end result.

    Systor RS-1200

    Ripstation Hardware Key Features

    Model RS-1200 are complete standalone systems with advanced robotics suitable for high-volume, 24/7 operation with high throughput.
    • Large 300 Disc Capacity
    • 2 CD/DVD recorders
    • Embedded PC: System does not require an external PC for operation
    • Full asynchronous operation for fastest performance possible
    • Built in 1GB/s LAN
      • External connection for network connected devices and USB drives
      • Remote desktop support - Our support team can access your system for fast & efficient support
    • Choice of Synchronous or Asyncronous Ripping modes
    • Rip media in sequential or non-sequential mode
    • Proven Technology

    Number of Drives:
    Input Capacity:
    Internal HDD:
    500 GB
    Audio Disc Ripped per Hour:
    1 year