Primera Bravo 4102 Automated 2 Burner CD DVD Publisher - 100 Disc Capacity

Primera Bravo 4102 Automated 2 Burner CD DVD Publisher - 100 Disc Capacity

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    Blazingly Fast Printing and Robotics
    Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher is easily the fastest desktop disc printer and publisher in the world today. At just six (6) seconds to print each disc with 100% coverage in near-perfect quality, you'll be stunned at how fast your jobs will now get completed. In fact, Bravo 4102 Publisher is up to 20 times faster than competitors for similar print quality*, making them the fastest desktop disc printers in the world.

    Disc picking and transport robotics have both been optimized for speed, too. A rock-solid and reliable new belt drive system is utilized to deliver 300% faster robotics than previous models. The belt drive system also gives you smoother and quieter operation.

    Separate Ink Cartridges for Lower Cost-Per-Disc
    Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher is Primera's first disc printer to offer separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). This lets you replace only the color(s) that need replenishing; saving you money on every disc you print. This is especially true if you use more of one color on your discs than another.

    Professional-Quality Printing
    The built-in, high-resolution inkjet printing is powered by Lexmark, a world leader in printing technology. With up to 4800 dpi quality, it has the highest printing resolution available from any manufacturer of disc printers and publishers.

    Getting the Discs Out
    In applications such as medical imaging and audio/video-on-demand it is imperative that discs are dispensed out the front of the unit. On Bravo 4102 Disc Publisher, it's an automatic, built-in feature. On some competitive units you have to manually open a door or a drawer every time - a huge inconvenience if you're doing it all day long.

    The Most Illuminating Feature
    The built-in blue LED lighting not only helps you see what's going on inside, but pulses when supplies are getting low and blinks on/off if an error condition is reported. You'll always know the status of your jobs whether you're sitting next to the unit or standing on the other side of the room.

    Integration Made Easy
    Sometimes integration is required for applications like PACS/DICOM medical imaging systems, law enforcement and surveillance video, back up and archival, audio and video on-demand and more. Primera makes integration easy with a simple yet comprehensive Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for both Windows and Mac. The SDK is free to qualified developers.

    Powerful Software that's Easy to Use
    Using the Bravo 4102 Publisher is as easy as printing to any office printer. Primera's PTPublisher Software has won critical acclaim for its simple, wizard-style interface. Training new operators takes just minutes instead of hours.

    Simply choose the type of job you want to perform (data, video, audio, etc.), match with a print file, and press "GO." It's that easy!

    Built-in disc design software called SureThing Primera Edition (Windows) or DiscCover (Mac) lets you place photos, backgrounds, text and graphics anywhere on the disc, including as far into the middle of the disc as you wish - a major limitation with other brands of disc publishers.

    Built-In Apps
    Extra built-in software applications include:
    PTRip: robotically "RIPs" your personal music CDs and loads them into Apple iTunes for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch or Microsoft Media Player.

    PTBackUp: automatic, scheduled back-ups of your files to CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

    PTProtect: prevents unauthorized duplication of your valuable DVD video files. Three free protections are included.


    Bravo 4102 AutoPublisher

    Number of Drives
    2 Burners

    Disc Capacity
    100 Discs

    Disc Recorders
    Latest-generation CD-R/DVD-R recordable drives

    Recordable Formats
    CD: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio (CD-DA), Video-CD, MP3 to CD-Audio,
    most other industry-standard CD formats

    Print Method
    Thermal Inkjet, powered by Lexmark

    Print Resolution
    Up to 4800 dpi

    Print Head
    Semi-permanent; user replaceable

    Ink Cartridges
    Separate high-capacity ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta,
    Yellow and Black (CMYK)

    16.7 million

    Color Matching
    Z-Color color profile included

    High-speed belt drive

    Ink Level Warning
    Calculates actual number of prints remaining based upon
    ink usage of graphics being printed (patent-pending)

    Indicator Lights
    External: Power Internal: Blue LED lighting is on during normal operation;
    pulses during low-supplies condition; blinks during error condition

    Operating Systems
    Windows: XP/Vista/7
    Mac: OS X v10.6 or higher

    Minimum System Requirements for PC
    Intel Celeron Processor or higher, 2GB RAM or higher, 10GB or more free hard drive space, available USB 2.0 port or open PCI slot for optional USB 2.0 adapter card (combo cards not recommended), user account with Local Administrator rights.

    Minimum System Requirements for Mac Computers
    1 GHz PowerPC or Intel processor or higher, capable of running Mac OS X v10.6 or higher, 1GB RAM, one available USB 2.0 port, 10GB or more free hard drive space.

    Universal auto-switching 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5.0A

    UL, UL-C, CE, FCC Class A, RoHS, WEEE

    26 lbs. (11.8kg)

    17.8"W x 11"H x 17.5"D
    (452mmW x 279mmH x 445mmD)