VOOM DriveWiper 3 Portable 3 HDD Forensic Sanitizer

VOOM DriveWiper 3 Portable 3 HDD Forensic Sanitizer

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    The Voom DriveWiper 3 is a specialized portable device that simultaneously sanitizes three hard drives at once (i.e., rids drives of all data) to Department of Defense (DoD 5220.2-M) and U. S. Navy (NAVSO P-5239-10) specifications at speeds of up to 7.1 GB/minute per drive. This device is critical to ensuring forensic soundness when recycling or disposing hard drives with highly sensitive data. Further, it facilitates law enforcement's ability to permanently eradicate from drives the prolific child pornography by which generations of children have fallen victim.

    This device is specifically designed for law enforcement personnel and engineered for sophisticated operations, simplicity of use, and speed, while addressing the current economic climate and budget constraints imposed upon our justice agencies.

    Duplicating at speeds up to 6 GB/minute, the HC3P can image a 300 GB drive to two drives while hashing in under an hour.  A less robust 80 GB drive can be duplicated in just over 20 minutes.  With this kind of performance, cybercrime detectives can start digging into the data quicker, with the confidence that their digital evidence is viable in a court of law.


    • SATA/IDE HDD Wipe or Sanitize
    • 3 Drives at Once, No Slow Down
    • Wipe Speed up to 7.1 GB/Min. per Drive
    • Meets DoDand NAVSO Specs
    • Automatically Handles HPA's & DCO's
    • Design Achievements
      • Fastest, Most Secure, Cost-Effective Forensic Duplication
      • 3 Ports Essentially Triple your Wipe/Sanitize speed
      • Uncomplicated, Intuitive Ease of Use
      • Most Compact, Lightweight Design on the Market Today
    • Speed : Overall Wipe Speed:
      • Up to 7.1 GB/m per drive
      • Up to 21.3 GB/m combined speed for simultaneously wiping 3 HDD's
    • Out of Box Setup: Simply enter date & time
      So intuitive no training necessary
    • Ease of Use: Sophisticated operations with simple 3-button interface - Master in Minutes
    • Duplicator Functions:
      • Wipe:
        • 1-Pass (DoDSpec 5220.22-M)
        • 2-Pass (NAVSO Spec P-5239-10)
      • Sanitize:
        • 4-Pass (DoDSpec 5220.22-M)
        • 8-Pass (NAVSO Spec P-5239-10)
      • 2, 4 & 8 Pass with Automatic Verification
        Automatic HPA & DCO Detect, Unlock, Wipe or Sanitize
    • Connectors
      • 2 SATA
      • 1 SATA/IDE
      • RS232 with DB9 Connector

    Package Content

    • DW3 with 3 destination ports
    • cables
    • Power supply
    • User Guide
    Weight less than 1lb
    Dimension 1.5" x 5.5" x 4"