16X DVD-R Water Shield White Inkjet Printable 100pk

16X DVD-R Water Shield White Inkjet Printable 100pk

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    Water-resistant inkjet media is a new innovation that secures the printed matter to the disc preventing moisture from separating the ink which causes smearing and bleeding.

    Previously, traditional inkjet printing was believed to be inferior to the more expensive thermal printing because the inkjet printed image could smear or bleed if it were to come into contact with moisture. Water-resistant media shatters that belief. The media offers vibrant photo quality up to 4800dpi whereas most thermal printers only offer 400dpi.

    Priced at a few cents per disc allows the everyday user the ability to afford and utilize inkjet printing without the fear of the image smearing or bleeding on the disc due to inadvertent exposure to water. In addition to the brilliant water-resistant printing surface, the discs are developed with the highest standards for optimal duplication reliability and playback capability.