Kanguru 12 Disk SATA HDD Duplicator

Kanguru 12 Disk SATA HDD Duplicator

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    SKU: Kclone-12HD-SATA

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    The Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicator12HD-SATA is an ultra high performance Hard Drive Duplicator that can copy up to 12 hard drives simultaneously. SATA connectivity allows for up to 6GB/minute data transfer rates, 3 times faster than our previous model, making your rollouts quicker and easier than ever before!

    A feature rich LCD makes the process extremely a snap! Just attach your master drive and 1 to 12 blank drives, and then press the copy button. It can even copy a current small capacity drive to a larger capacity drive with all original content intact!

    The Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicator12HD-SATA is great for IT work, backing up hard drives, data wiping, large PC deployments, drive testing and more!

    • Native SATA and IDE interface
    • Multiple Copy Modes: Brief, Disk, Resize and more
    • Fast transfer rates ?up to 6 GB/min
    • DOD Approved Disk Wipe features (Up to 9x - DOD 5220-22.M Standard)
    • Advanced tools and diagnostic features
      • HPA (Host Protection Area) Check
      • Port Test
      • Load Default Settings options and more
    • Support for additional connections (IDE 3.5? and IDE 2.5? SATA, ZIF, etc.)
    • SSD Support
    • Multiple UDMA mode support
    • Size and brand independent (Copy varying capacities and brands)
    • Diagnostic Tool Suite

    Package Includes

    • Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicator12HD-SATA
    • 15 ?SATA/power cables
    • 15 ?IDE/power cables
    • 15 ?2.5?IDE (PATA) adaptors
    • A/C Power Cable
    • User Manual


    Model Number
    Drive Compatibility
    Native 3.5" PATA (Varying Brands and Capacities)
    Native SATA, 2.5?PATA (ZIF with additional adapters)
    Transfer Rate
    Up to 6GB/min
    Weight 30.5 lbs
    Dimension 28" x 20" x 4"
    Voltage 110v and 220v