Image MASSter 4000IDE 1 to 2 Hard Disk Drive Duplicator

Image MASSter 4000IDE 1 to 2 Hard Disk Drive Duplicator

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    Image MASSter 4002IDE is designed as a high speed hard disk drive duplication system. The unit is built as a standalone hardware solution for high volume deplyment of PC and Notebook workstations. With Image Masster 4002IDE , setups are quick, easy and 100% reliable. The Image Masster 4002IDE supports copying any Windows Operating System or Non-Windows (MAC, Linux) Operating Systems. The system can simultaneously duplicate two target drives. Transfer rates can exceed 2.5GB/min. The system supports IDE, S-ATA and Solid State ATA compatible Flash devices


    • IQCopy and NTFS IQ Copy: The Image Masster 4002IDE features IQCopy, a time-saving software technology that supports all Windows FAT/NTFS file system and all Windows O/S (DONS/95/98/2000/NT/XP), The Automatic Load Size Detection feature of IQCopy allows copying to different size and model drives in the same load. All targets will be individuall formatted and their partitions properly scaled.
    • Manage Settings: This function provides the user with the capability of saving multiple user defined settings. Up to 20 settings can be defined and saved.
    • Image Copy Mode (% of Disk) : The % of Disk copy method copies both allocated and unallocated clusters of a drive. This copy mode implements a sector-by-sector copy method. It can be used to duplicate operating systems not based on the FAT file system, such as LINUX, NOVELL, HPFS etc.
    • Drive Info: This menu item displays important drive information such as Model, Capacity, Serial Number etc.
    • Wipe Out : The WipeOut copy mode provides two functions to erase all data from target drives. WipeOut Fast will clean drives in one pass using a user-defined pattern value. WipeOut DoD will "sanitize" drives using the Department of Defense
    • Database:   This menu item provides the user with a choice of saving Database information in different levels of detail
    • 48-Bit Support: Support drives larger than 137GB.
    • UDMA: Support of UDMA transfer protocol allows transfer rates to exceed 2.6BG/Min.
    • Block Map: Provides the user with the ability to select up to 10 ranges of sectors to be copied from the master drive to the target drive(s). The copy method implements a sector-by-sector copy method.
    • User Interface: The unit provides a graphical screen menu display and easy-to-use button interface, which the user can use to step through functions for operating the unit.

    Package Content

    • ImageMASSter 400IDE 1 to 2 HDD Duplicator
    • User Guide
    Supply Voltage 100-240V / 50-60Hz
    Power Consumption 200W
    Operating Temperature 5 C - 55 C Degrees
    Weight 9.05 lbs
    Dimension 13.3" x 12.1" x 4.4"