Forensic LinkMASSter Option

Forensic LinkMASSter Option

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    The Image MASSter Solo-4 LinkMASSter Option, combined with the unit's built-in Gigabit Ethernet interface, provides a fast and effective solution for siezing data from an un-opened PC or Notebook to an external hard drive connected to Image MASSter Solo-4 unit.

    The LinkMASSter Option includes a Crossover CAT.6 Ethernet cable and bootable LinkMASSter Network Driver CD, which is used to connect to and transfer data from the PC to the Image MASSter Solo-4 unit, using the Ethernet port interface. The Option will also include a Gigabit USB-to-Ethernet Network Adapater to allow connecting to a Notebook or PC which does not have an Ethernet port.

    Package Contents

    • 1 14" Cross Link 1Gigabit cable CAT 6
    • 1 Gigabit to USB 2.0 Adapter (for un-open PC/Laptop without Network Ports)
    • 1 Bootable CD to be used on the un-open PC/Laptop.
    • This kit is for Intel based CPU only.
    • For MAC add the LinkMASSter MAC CD to your kit.