Upgrade Expansion Box Option

Upgrade Expansion Box Option

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    The Expansion Option adds the capability to capture data from additional devices which have interfaces not available on the ImageMASSter Solo-4 IT/Forensic Non-Expandable unit. The Expansion Option is configured with the following hardware:

    • FireWire 1394 PCi Express card for connecting 1394A(1 Port) or 1394A(2 Ports) mass storage devices.
    • SCSI Ultra320 PCI Express card for connecting SCSI mass storage devices. ImageMASSter Solo-4 IT/Forensic Non-Expandable can capture 2 SCSI Suspect Drives simultaneously with no speed degradaion( * )
    • PCI Express to ExpressCard 34/54 Reader for connecting abroad range of ExpressCard compliant cards, such as ExpressCard USB 3.0 cards used to connect USB 3.0 mass storage devices( ** )


    • This option Upgrade is available for ImageMASSter Solo-4 IT/Forensic Non-Expandable orginally purchased without the Expansion Box Card/Port. This Option includes the installation of the Expansion Box Controller Card plus the Expansion Box.
    • ( * )External Power Supply (not supplied) is required to power the second SCSI drive when capturing two SCSI drives to two Evidence drives simultaneously.
    • ( ** )ExpressCards are not supplied with the Expansion Option



    The After Purchase Expansion Box Option Upgrade comdes standard with the following configuration and components:

    • Upgrade of the ImageMASSter Solo-4 IT/Forensic Non-Expandable including the installation of the Expansion Box Controller Card/Port.
    • Standard configuration of the Box
    • 1394A(1 Port) and 1394B(2 Ports) controller card
    • Fast SCSI Ultra 320 controller card. (User will be able to connect 2 SCSI drives)
    • Express Card Reader (not for use wuth USB base memory cards)
    • User can remove the top cover of the expansion box very easily by opening the top screws and replacing any of the installed controllers card with other desired and approved by ICS PCIE controller cards( * )
    • ( * ) The PCIe controller card must be PCIe-4X or PCIe-1X. Also some of the cards might require an external power source.

    Package Contents

    • 1 Power Cable to power the expansion box from the Solo-4 IT/Forensic.
    • 1 PCI Express X4 interconnection data cable to connect the the expansion box with the Solo-4 IT/Forensic.
    • 1 dual channel LVDS SCSI Cable with one terminator.
    • 1 SCSI Adapter to connect the SCSI card to the SCSI cable.
    • 1 SCSI Power Cables.
    • 1 SCSI Power Extended Cables.