3-SATA Adapter Option

3-SATA Adapter Option

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    • SATA-3 adapter is compatible with ImageMASSter 4002IDE that plugs into the 3 channel IDE and power connectors on the unit. The SATA adapter converts the unit for all channel Serial-ATA operation
    • Duplicates 2 Serial ATA hard drives simultaneously
    • ImageMASSter 4002IDE is supported with the use of the SATA adapter
    • Maximum Versatility
    • Very durable adapter for manufacturing environment
    • Transfer rate can exceed 2GB/min depending upon model drives in use. Transfer rate of 2GB/min demonstrated in Lab using Seagate ST360015AS/ST3120023AS hard drive series
    • Interface: Serial ATA data connector and Serial ATA power connector.
    • Mix any combination of IDE and/or Serial ATA hard drives in the master and/or target postions (which means that you can copy IDE to Serial ATA hard drives and vice versa). When using IDE drives while the SATA adapter is connected, a third party SATA to IDE converted will be required.