Systor JP707 1 to 7 SATA Burner CD/DVD Copy Controller (Black)

Systor JP707 1 to 7 SATA Burner CD/DVD Copy Controller (Black)

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    Systor JP707 is a standalone copy controller supporting high speed SATA BD/DVD/CD writers. With RISC CPU Engine, it doesn?t need connecting to a computer or require much learning. Simply through the LCD and the button on the panel you can use the copy controller to back up data, audio or video BD/DVD/CD quickly. The first support SATA BD/DVD drives for recording BD/DVD/CD quickly. It is quite fit for general offices.


    • Standalone SATA-to-SATA BD/DVD/CD copy controller
    • Totally independent without installing hardware or software
    • Supports a built-in 3.5" or 2.5? SATA hard disk drive
    • Supports high-speed SATA BD/DVD/CD recording
    • Has a user-friendly interface and shows messages with LCD
    • Firmware update by DVD-ROM


    • ATP8620 IDE/SATA processor
    • ARC772 SATA processor
    • ARC810 32-bit RISC CPU
    • 64MB SDRAM for data buffer
    • 9 SATA interface channel
    • 2 X 16 LCD screen
    • A membrane 4-buttons operation panel
    • 512KB flash memory for copy code
    • Dimension: 150mm(W) X 42mm(H) X 215mm(D)
    System Requirements
    • Upright external case 9/10 X 5.25"
    • Power supply of 350W
    • SATA cable
    • Digital DVD-ROM x 1
    • Digital DVD writer x 7
    • SATA hard disk drive (optional)?
    • Tray (optional)