Live Events CD Audio / Music Recorder + 7 Target CD Duplicator / Copier Combo

Live Events CD Audio / Music Recorder + 7 Target CD Duplicator / Copier Combo

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    Live Events CD Audio / Music Recorder to CD Disc + 7 CD Duplicator

    eventcd 5202 is a complete solution and is designed in a space saving enclosure with two integrated cd/dvd drives, the eventcd 5202 is not only compact, but expandable. easily connect 5204-exp 4 drive expansion modules to increase production from 2 drives to 6 right up to 42 drives, controlling everything from a single console. add an optional plug-in cd/dvd autoprinter to complete your production.

    eventcd 5202 series key features:
    • capture
    • record audio via analog or digital connections
    • edit
    • insert audio, edit tracks, in and out markers or span discs
    • duplicate
    • make two copies in just a few minutes, make multiple copies or expand to suit your needs
    • ultra reliable hd recording.
    • record to hard drive from any analog or digital source and then write to multiple drives at up to 48x
    • record over 650 hours of uncompressed cd quality audio
    • the integrated hdd allows for seamless linear recording
    • embedded pc:
    • system does not require an external pc for operation, all applications are self-contained utilizing an internal pc motherboard and operating system with windows pro
    • duplication
    • create two copies in under 3 minutes directly from hard drive, with no master read in, with the two onboard cd/dvd drives. expand up to 42 drives with the 5204-exp expansion modules, and even copy existing cd and dvd's.
    • multiple disc spanning
    • for longer audio material, span content over multiple discs for seamless playback, with user selectable span points
    • insert pre and post roll audio
    • insert mp3 or wav audio snippets anywhere in the content
    • advanced editing
    • the system allows the user to edit track marks, in and out points, and insertion and extraction
    • audio verification built right in
    • expand the system with auto printers for a complete workflow solution
    eventCD - 5202
    Number of drives 2
    Drive Interface SATA
    Supported media CD-DA
    Operating System Windows Pro
    Internal HDD 500 GB
    Audio I/O RCA Line Level I/O
    SPDIF (via breakout)
    Record Capacity 650 Hours Uncompressed
    Interface Just add Keyboard, Monitor, and Mouse
    Power 450 Watts
    Dimensions 16"W x 14"H x 7"D

    7 Target CD Duplicator
    Reader/Source : 52X CD-ROM
    Writer/Target : 52X CD-RW
    Writing Speed :
    CD-R   : 4X, 8X, 12X, 16X CLV, 24X ~ 40X P-CAV,  52X CAV (turbo mode) ma
    CD-RW: 4X, 8X, 10X, 12X CLV, 16X ~ 24X CAV max
    Power : AC 110/230 V  (50/60 Hz)