19 Hard Drive Daisy Chain Duplicator

19 Hard Drive Daisy Chain Duplicator

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    19 Target Hard Drive Daisy Chain Duplicator

    Legend series is the first SSD/HDD duplicator that supports flexible target expansion and multiple interfaces devices. With advanced Free-Chain technology, Legend series can be not only a 3-target duplicator, but a 119-target duplicator by hooking 30 duplicator systems up.

    Besides, by adding a variety of adapter cards, Legend series becomes a superman for supporting up to 9 kinds of popular SSD/HDDs, including mSATA, eSATA, 2.5" SATA, 3.5" SATA, CF, iVDR, 2.5" IDE , 3.5" IDE, and etc. TO sum up, the more Legend series duplicators you use, the more efficient your production is!

    Expandable up to 119 ports

    USB HDD Duplicator

    This series supports 3 different kinds of duplication modes Quick Copy, All Partitions, and Whole HDD copy. If you have a big capacity 2TB HDD which only has 200GB data inside, Quick Copy can help reduce the duplication time from 5.6 hours to 33 minutes. It will not copy the empty space.

    Quick Copy Mode This mode can identify the HDD formats of FAT16/32, NTFS, and Linux(EXT2/EXT3/EXT4). It will only copy the data and system contained area, which enhances the copying efficiency very much.

    The DoD Erase Function Comply with the U.S. Department of Defense's standard of erasing. It is important to make sure the data inside the disregarded HDD will not be retrieved and can be safely transferred.

    Duplication among HDDs with different capacities The duplicator allows HDDs with different capacities to copy each other. If a smaller source HDD is copied by a larger target HDD, after duplication, the untouched space is allowed to repartition for further use.

    Ultra High Speed Data "Compare" Function The very special hardware bit-for-bit "Compare" function is the most secure way to 100% guaranteed accuracy of data duplication. It takes the same speed as copying. There is no other duplicator that can do such a performance so fast and accurate.

    Easy and Friendly User Interface Very simple and easy to use. It doesn't require a high level of expertise for operation.

    Supports various HDD interfaces

    USB HDD Duplicator

    Model Legend 600
    Target 1-19 up to 119
    HDD Interface SATA
    Display Monochrome LCD
    Control Button 4 push buttons ( Forward, Backward, OK, Esc)
    Compatible Interface mSATA, eSATA, 2.5" SATA, 3.5" SATA, CF, iVDR, 2.5" IDE , 3.5" IDE
    Erase Modes Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase
    Duplication Modes 1.Quick Copy (Systems & files) 2.All partition 3.Whole HDD
    Support Format 1.Systems & files: FAT,NTFS, Linux(ext2, ext3, ext4),GPT, Dynamic HDD 2.All partition/Whole HDD: All formats
    Support Language English, Japanese
    Power Supply 12V, 9A
    Humidity Operating 20%~80%
    Storage 5%~95%
    Temperature Operating 5%~45%
    Storage -20°~85°
    Safety CE, FCC, ROHS
    Dimension (inch) 10.3"x4.3"x1.4"