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Government and School Orders


Duplicator Depot will accept purchase orders from local and federal government agencies, including public schools, law enforcement, and the military. Once you have selected the item you desire, we require a copy of the purchase order with the authorized signatures. You can contact any of our experienced sales representatives to assist you with the selection of our products and the steps to process a purchase order. Thank you for considering Duplicator Depot.

Contact Information for Purchase Order (PO)
  Fax Number : 909-598-9747
  Mailing Address: 13191 Crossroads Parkway North #580, City of Industry, CA 91746
  Phone : 866-333-5737

Past Purchasing Agencies:
  River Forest High School
  Thornapple Kellogg School
  Altus Public Schools
  Dike - New Hartford CSD
  Bethesda Home for Boys
  Bartlesville Public Schools
  The Cushman School
  Berkeley Preparatory School
  Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office
  Southern Cal Schools
  Hawkins Middles School


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