Systor RipStation

RipStation will take any data DVD, data CD or data BD* and create a bit for bit copy of the discs file structure from the source disc itself, creating a local or even network copy for use in archive or backup applications. We check it for integrity, provide detailed reporting and have an open, flexible third party interface so you can tie the entire process into your records access system. Select file types, data structures, and logging system - its all flexible and customizable.

Ripstation is in wide spread use throughout the world with national archives, government organizations, media companies, Military and Fortune 500 companies. Ripstation provides unsurpassed performance and reliability; designed and manufactured for automated production physical media ripping.

It is also used in other organizations such as Law offices to transfer their case files, documents and images. Medical offices/clinics to transfer their medical records, history files, patient notes and result files. Financial Services to transfer their deeds, documents, history files, records, statements and data logs. And lastly, Archivist to transfer their images, documents, scans, records, audio and video.

RipStation Comparison
  RS-1200 RS-1400 RS-1200BD RS-1400BD
Data CD: O O O O
Audio CD: O O O O
Data DVD: O O O O
Data BD: X X O O
Video BD: X X O O
No. of Drives: 2 4 2 4

Legend: O = Supported; X = Not Supported; OPT = Optional

Optical Disc Rippers

Systor Ripstation RS-1200BD CD / DVD / BD Ripper - Audio Video, Data Grabber / Migrator - 2 Drive
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Systor Ripstation RS-1400BD CD / DVD / BD Ripper - Audio Video, Data Grabber / Migrator - 4 Drive
Code: RS-1400BD
Regular Price: $6145.00
Our Price: $4,495.00
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