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What is a CD DVD Duplicator?

CD DVD Duplicators are a fairly new technology developed to give users an inexpensive solution to quantity duplication of CD and DVD disks. It is a complete stand alone system which does not require a computer or any soft-wares to operate. 
A disc duplication equipment consists of 3 major components.
One source drive, Multiple target drives and a duplication controller card.
The source drive is where the original disks are inserted.
The Target drive is where the blank medias are put in.
The controller card is the heart and brain of the drive that controls the data flow between the source and the target drives.
The operation is as simple as just pressing a button. Even the advanced options can be easily accessed with few button pushing.
The provided manual will me more than sufficient for even the not-so-savvy users to access it's entire functions.
The CD duplicators are capable of duplicating CDs at a rate of 2-5 min per session.
The DVD discs are duplicated at 8-12 min(at 8x speed) 6-7 1/2min(at 16x speed) per session.
The speed of duplication varies depending on the media used, size of original, and options you choose.

Auto Duplicator:   Automated DVD duplicator machines are standalone devices that automatically produce specified number of copies without user's intervention. Comes with a DVD disc autoloader to make the process easier. It's an automatic machine with a robotic arm or CD disc autoloader combined with a DVD copier .
  Blu-ray to Bluray DVD Duplicator:   The Blu-ray disc burner is the newest type of tower in the duplication technology, a true standalone Blu-ray copier. It can duplicate any type of disc from CD to DVD and Blu Ray, with it's blu-ray DVD burners.
  LightScribe Duplicator:   Lightscribe DVD duplicator systems are almost like the regular copiers, just enriched with features and technology. Being equipped with Lightscribe burner, the Lightscribe duplicator allows you to burn and print your discs, the entire production process done by the Lightscribe CD burner.
  SATA CD DVD Duplicator:The SATA DVD duplicator is a DVD to DVD recorder system based on disc burner controller that takes care of the entire process. It's in fact a CD DVD copier, that includes from simple functions like disc burner or disc recorder, to advanced features like CD to DVD recorder.
  CD Duplicator CD Duplicator machine it's the best solution if you want to duplicate your audio or data CD's. The CD Multiple copier it's a standalone system that doesn t need a computer to operate. You can do all the operations from the CD tower copier. It's fast, safe and reliable.
  Daisy Chain DVD CD Duplicator:   The Daisy Chain DVD Duplicators were created for the professional users that need to duplicate large amount of discs in a short period of time. They are practically a link of dvd copiers that are controlled from only one controller. A cd dvd chain duplicator ensures same best quality in data burning for all the discs you duplicate at once, using large amounts of buffers to avoid losing data. It's a fast, safe, and with an enormous throughput machine.
  CD+G Karaoke Duplicator:   The karaoke CD+G copier is an amazing machine. It can burn CD+G tracks with no error, at stable speeds, featuring karaoke DVD burners. Beside that, works like our other copiers, but thanks to the karaoke CD burner it becomes a karaoke CD+G copier that can fulfill more tasks. Also karaoke burners present in these CD+G copiers are reliable as the usual drives.
  CD DVD Duplicator with Copy Protection:   Are you a software / audio / video producer and need to duplicate your content but keep it safe at the same time? Do it with a copier with DVD copy protection. It's fast, reliable, and the most important, safe. Featuring DVD recorders with copy protection, can do what other copiers do, but keeps your intellectual property in a safe shelter.
  CD DVD Disc Printer:   If you do CD DVD publishing, are a musician, software developer, or simply have to print own discs, the CD DVD printers are a real help. Also available in packages of CD copier and printer for the most effective cost solution, the CD printing machine will take care of your budget. CD inkjet printers features low price per disc for small to medium amounts.
  Disc Publishing System:   Disc Publisher Systems won a lot of fans in the last years, basically because it gives the opportunity to do the entire publishing process, from data burning to disc surface printing. A lot of manufacturers got into this area, like Microboards (Microboards printers, publishers), Primera (Primera Bravo with Primera technology), SySTOR and others. Using a publishing system, you minimize the acquisition costs and the cost per disc, because a single machine does all the work.
  Rackmount Duplicator:   Rackmount CD DVD  burner copiers were created to maximize your throughput and minimize your needed space for this. You can stack more towers and occupy same space, allowing you to produce more discs at once. Rackmount DVD burners are the best solution for professional users.
  Hard Drive Duplicator: The Hard Drive Duplicator was created as an evolution of the DVD copier. Nowadays not only CD's or DVD's need replication, hard drives too. HDD copiers are a golden help for the system administrators that needs to duplicate dozens of hundreds of hard drive with the same information , especially because it clones the drives including all sectors.
USB Drive Duplicator:   The USB duplicators are a fast and reliable machine that can copy simultaneous many USB flash drives. Being a standalone machine, can copy USB in seconds, putting all the resources into a single process. USB Flash duplicator can help companies in many domains, from distribution to advertising, fast and secure.
  SD Card Duplicator:   A SD Memory Card duplicator can be a real help, whatever your domain is, photography, advertising, or any domain that interferes with the SD cards, you will see the advantages of using an SD copier. SD card duplicators are standalone machines that can copy simultaneously from a memory card to more in seconds.
  CF Card Duplicator:   Compact Flash (CF) Card copier was designed for photographers and mobile software developers that uses CF cards to distribute their products. CF duplicator features multiple copy options to ensure the fastest and safest solution to copy your memory cards.
Multi Media Duplicator:   The Multi media Flash Drive Duplicator is truly an amazing machine. It's a mix of more type of copiers into a single one: a flash memory copier, memory card copier, thumb drive copier, compact flash copier, MMC copier, flash drive copier, and can burn from all these card types to DVD's.
  Blank Disc Media (Blu-Ray, LightScribe, DVD, CD): Blank disc media are necessary in CD DVD Blu Ray duplicators, according to each other's duplication needs. Our Blank disc media includes blank Blu ray disc, blank DVD disc and blank CD disc media. Blank Blu-Ray discs represent the newest technology in disc burning, capable to store up to 50 GB.
  Case Wrapping Systems:   Case wrapping systems are created for disk makers, but can be used by anyone. They wrap the disc you duplicate to make it look professionally like the discs you buy in stores.
  CD DVD Replication Service :   You have small, medium or large amounts of discs to duplicate? Come to us, we do DVD replication /  DVD duplication, CD replication / CD duplication, Blu ray replication / Blu-ray duplication, at the best cost. Choosing this way, you won t have to invest money into CD replication equipments, you will invest the money wisely and will get cheap CD DVD replication with no compromise in quality.
  Blu-Ray, DVD, CD Burners - Bare & External:   If you want to build your own duplication system or simply need an internal or external DVD burner, we have the best DVD burner for this. Our range includes external blu ray burner and CD DVD burner.

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